Carrie Hahn v. Wilmington Township, Docket No. 70036 of 2018 (Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas); 457 CD 2019 (Commonwealth Court); 158 CD 2021 (Commonwealth Court); 161 WAL 2022 (Pa. Supreme Court)

This matter originated with a right to know request to Wilmington Township for the Solicitor’s invoices. The Township appealed the Office of Open Records” Final Determination, and on appeal to the Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas, counsel for the requester and the Township Solicitor worked out a settlement agreement to provide certain redacted documents. Nearly one year later, the requester filed a frivolous motion in the Court of Common Pleas, seeking to relitigate issues which had already been dismissed by the Court with prejudice. The Township successfully argued a Motion to Strike the requesters Petition and the matter was dismissed. However, the requester appealed this to the Commonwealth Court. After briefing and argument, the Commonwealth Court remanded the matter for a hearing on whether the requester’s counsel had authority to enter into the settlement agreement. The Township was again successful and the requesters petition was denied after an evidentiary hearing. The requester again appealed this matter to the Commonwealth Court a second time. On this second appeal, the Township was again successful, and the appeal was denied. Having lost again at the Commonwealth Court, the requester attempted to appeal this matter to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. However, the Township filed an answer to the requester’s Petition for Review and the Supreme Court ultimately denied her request for review, resulting in a victory for the Township after years of frivolous litigation.

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