Criminal Law

Mr. Perrotta appeared at preliminary hearings, pre-trial motions, trials, sentence hearings, and has filed and argued multiple cases in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. While working with District Attorney Matthew Mangino, Mr. Perrotta was instrumental in establishing an Arson Task Force in Lawrence County. The task force enabled him to conduct arson investigations to minimize insurance fraud and property damage in Lawrence County. Mr. Perrotta was responsible for all aspects of prosecution of arson cases which resulted in a near perfect conviction rate. After being elevated to the level of Executive Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Perrotta handled numerous administrative duties in the Office of District Attorney. In Commonwealth v. Dukes and Commonwealth v. Thomson,Mr. Perrotta worked with federal and state investigators to initiate a successful prosecution against a drug ring’s attempt to fire bomb the Lawrence County Governement Center. In addition, Mr. Perrotta worked on several drug prosecutions and seizure of  assets. Mr. Perrotta left the District Attorney’s office in 2000 to enter private practice.

In 2000, Mr. Perrotta  transferred his prosecutor’s experience to private practice in which he handles a variety of driving under the influence cases, drug cases, assault, motor vehicle offenses and driving while under suspension cases. Mr. Perrotta has handles numerous cases in the Court of Common Pleas. Mr. Perrotta has argued before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania as well as the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. He has also petitioned the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania with regard to driving related offenses. Mr. Perrotta most notable cases are PennDot vs. Staph and PennDot vs.  Miles.

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