Municipal Law

thIn 2005, Lou was appointed the Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor for Mahoning Township.  In this capacity Lou assisted the Zoning Officer with several tasks such as Zoning Ordinance enforcement, Zoning Ordinance drafting and Zoning Ordinance compliance.  In addition to general counsel functions, Lou attends the Zoning Hearing Board meetings to provide advice to the Board Members with regard to the issuance of variances and special exceptions pursuant to the Mahoning Township Zoning Ordinance.

In 2008, Lou relinquished his duties as Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor and was appointed Solicitor for Mahoning Township.  In this position he is responsible for all legal issues pertaining to Mahoning Township.  Lou assisted in the creation of the Mahoning Township Police Department with Chief James Morris and the Board of Supervisors.  He and Chief Morris prepared policies and Standard Operating Procedures for the Police Department.  Along with the establishment of the Department, Lou drafted a Police Mutual Aid Agreement with Poland Township (Ohio), Police Pension Plan Agreements, Personnel Hiring Procedure and several policies for the Department.

In addition to the creation of the Police Department, Lou assisted the Township Supervisors with the establishment of the Sanitation Department of Mahoning Township.  The Sanitation Department received approximately $18,000,000,00 (Eighteen Million Dollars) from grants and loans issues through PennVest to construct a sanitation plant and adjoining sanitation lines.  Lou provided legal assistance in the preparation of said grant applications, property acquisitions, and easement acquisions and followed the settlement of all loans pertaining to the Sanitation Department.  He drafted all legal documents and agreements with regard to the loans and grants and participated in an extensive land and easement acquisition project for the sanitation plant and the necessary infrastructure for sanitation lines and pumping stations.  This project was issued in three phases which took approximately three years to implement.  Lou oversaw all legal aspects of the multi-million dollar project and negotiated with property owners and land owners as well as contractors.  In addition to the sanitation project, he drafted several Ordinances to enact rules and regulations for sanitary customers as well as procedures for fee collection and customer sanitary tapping.

Along with providing legal advice for the Board of Supervisors, Lou attends the monthly meetings scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month.  In his capacity as Solicitor, Lou has drafted several Ordinances covering topics such as a burning, Contractor licensing, storm water management, flood plains withholding tax, public nuisance, road ordination and construction, traffic ordinances and nuisance ordinances.  He was instrumental in the public bid of a Township  owned cellular tower which has resulted in a six figure windfall for Mahoning Township.  Most recently, as a result of the Marcellus Shale oil and gas boom, Lou was able to negotiate the leasing of multiple Township properties resulting in hefty bonus payments and future royalties.  As a result of these efforts, the Township is planning  to build a multi-million dollar Township complex in the very near future and the Township will also entertain the construction of a multi-million dollar Racino sponsored by Endeka Entertainment.



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